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Press and Logos

We say thank you to the press for every article about QualiDive. Even when it is not a positive one. Some information are already here. We are happy to answer to all of your questions any time.

Links and backlinks
Link to us, then we link to you.
Unfortunately search engines like Google cannot identify links on detail pages of dive centers.
Therefore we created a link list listing all dive centers linking to us. Just ask us to put your dive center on the list. Centers linking to us with one of the logos below are also listed with their logo.

Links are possible either to www.qualidive.ch or directly to the profile of the center. The direct link to the center is mentioned in the profile.

Logos to download

Download official logo, English: (higher resolution on request)

Download member logo, English: (higher resolution on request)

How to place a link?
1. Create a folder qualidive-logo on your web server (root folder)
2. Copy the logo into this folder
3. Set a link as follow:

<a href="http://www.qualidive.ch/?content=center:[centernumber]" target="_blank" ><img src="qualidive-logo/[filename]" border="0"/></a>

4. Replace [centernumber] with your center number (you will find it in your profile ) and [filename] with the name of the logo (i.e. qualidive-logo-150x150px-en.gif)

A link could look like this:
<a href="http://www.qualidive.ch/?content=center:25" target="_blank"><img src="qualidive-logo/qualidive-logo-150x150px-en.gif]" border="0"/></a>

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