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Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Center

  (Tamarin, All, Mauritius)
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Discover the various under water world of the west coast with us. We have different dive spots like drop-offs, cave dives, colourful coralgarden dives, wreck- and night dives, shark dives and Safaris. You are not yet a diver or you wanna improve your skills? We offer first try-outs and all PADI Diving courses. So come&join us!

Computer and WIFI (0 EUR per hour)
no Credit cards accepted
no Dry room
no Recharge batteries
no Safe
yes Refill tanks for non-guests (against payment)
no Workshop for repairing dive gear
no Servicing regulators
yes Diving with handicapped
no Shop / Retail of dive gear

English German French

open 01. Jan. until 31. Dec. 

Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Center
Mr Olivier Dada
Hotel Tamarin
Tamarin, Mauritius
Phone 00230 5786 95 54
Mobile 00230 5728 20 27
Fax 00230 483 65 81

Next international airport: MRU
Next airport: MRU
No distance provided to dive center
20 EUR with public transport to dive center
yes Personal pick-up service on request

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Guests and divemasters
9 Maximum guest at the same time
4 Divemasters
4 Guests per divemaster maximum

yes Dives from day dive boat possible
no Dives from shore possible
yes Night dives possible
yes House reef
yes Day tours
yes Half day tours
yes Unguided dives possible
3 dives per day possible
40 meter depth restriction
0 minute dive time restriction

Dive areas
- westcoast

Prices und distances
35 EUR for a single dive (cheapest dive)
0 EUR for transport to dive area and back
0 EUR additional costs for day dive boat per dive
10 minutes to next dive area

yes Oxygen yes First aid kit
0-1h to the hospital,   0-1h to deco chamber

Tanks and valves
17 x 12 lt steel tanks
2 x 15 lt steel tanks
Valves: INT with adapter for DIN

no Nitrox additional costs per dive
no Tech dive support
no Rebreather support

1 compressors
4 tanks per hour filling capacity

Day dive boat (1)
no Toilet no Shower no Towel
no Snacks yes Soft drinks

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Not provided

Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Center has no liveaboard. Maybe they offer dives from the coast?

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Not provided

Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Center is not renting any equipment.

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We offer first try outs, PADI courses for beginner, advanced and professional divers. we offer also free snorkeling for not-diving family-members if there is enough space on the boat.

Possible education
Up to PADI Divemaster/Instr.Ass

6 Students per group (maximum)

yes Pool for education
yes Class room
yes Single education possible

Other courses:
yes Refresher
yes Try diving
yes Diving with children
no Nitrox education
yes First aid

no Photo courses
no Video courses

yes Night diving
yes Cave diving
yes Wreck diving

no Tech diving
no Rebreather diving

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Hotel Tamarin

This is a recommendation
Hotel, Middle class
At the coast, 1 Minutes to the center

More details
Picture of accommodation
0 Standard-Double 0 EUR
0 Deluxe-Double 0 EUR

Cuisine (Food)
yes European no American yes Asian
no South american yes Vegetarian yes Local

English French

Within a radius of 3 Km people can find
yes Other restaurants yes Bars no Discos yes Water sports
yes Cultural offers yes Land tours

0 Standard rooms
0 Deluxe rooms
no Luxury suites available
no Dormitory available
yes Non smoking rooms available
yes Daily room cleaning yes Room service

Computer and WIFI for 0 EUR per hour
yes Bar yes Pool
no Fitness center with 0 machines
yes 24h electricity available per day
Reception 24 hours open per day
The majority of the guests are: Discreet and calm

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Tell about Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Center

The relevance of this comment is: 03. Aug. 2009 13:44 GMT


First time diving, they provided my PADI training, very friendly staff, highly recommended!

Hamlesh rated this as
The relevance of this comment is: 21. Sep. 2009 15:51 GMT


Two great dives with Michelle. Would happily dive with this centre again.

Paul rated this as
The relevance of this comment is: 30. Sep. 2009 13:32 GMT


First time I dive, it was amazing, Oliver and Elizabeth were fantastic teachers. We took the PADI training in 4 days, we dived in 4 different places and 2 swimming pool sessions. Highly recommended!, cheers, Carlos

carlos rated this as
The relevance of this comment is: 17. Nov. 2009 06:29 GMT


The relevance of this comment is: 23. Nov. 2009 21:47 GMT


The relevance of this comment is: 17. Dec. 2010 19:04 GMT


The relevance of this comment is: 09. May 2011 14:15 GMT


Good instructor and a nice experience for a first timer. Would recommend them. Keep up with the good work

The relevance of this comment is: 16. Jan. 2012 19:05 GMT


January 2012_ dive shop in the backyard of the Tamarin Hotel managed by Elisabeth and Olivier. Simple set up but fully equipped incl. bigger tanks, suits, high quality jackets etc. After getting equipped at the dive shop (meeting at 8.30 am), 2 minute walk to the landing place at the beach. They have their own dive boat for up to 12 diver and meanwhile with sunshade and ladder. Most of time only 6-8 diver on boat. Mostly all dive spots accessible within 20 minutes. Sometimes they co-operate wth the dive shop of Sofitel closed by - picking up some divers and guides or if too less divers the share a smaller zodiac. Dive spots nice from easy to somehow demanding but with less fish than maledives or less coral like red sea. However I would recommend this shop and spot as Elisabeth and Olivier are friendly, supportive and sensitive/flexible to any question/wish as well as they did take care on safety and experience of the divers. We did dive in small groups and the "dive spots of the day" were always selected well taking care on conditions (current, view and crowd). We did enjoy and we did had fun with the dives and the crew.

The relevance of this comment is: 02. Jan. 2018 08:25 GMT


Did my AOWD with the Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Team in Nov. '17. Had a great time diving with Olivier and the rest of the team. They are very nice and we went to realy cool dive sites around Tamarin Bay. Lots of turtles out there :) Thank you guys.

JRedde rated this as
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