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About Qualidive

General Idea

The general idea is to provide divers and centers with a sophisticated platform to bring together each other.

Who is Qualidive?
Qualidive is owned and managed by Blattner Internet, a Swiss company based in Allschwil near Basel, Switzerland.

Do I have to pay anything?
No. We aim to grow to be the biggest and most comprehensive diver database. Therefore we cannot presume to ask for money.

What are the features of QualiDive?
- Search for dive centers and liveaboards very easy and efficient
- See thousands of photos from centers and users
- Share your own photos with others
- Discuss about everything in our forums
- Comment and rate centers, photos and even comments!
- Manage your personal diver profile
- Contact other divers or dive centers

What else?
- Job search
- Buddy search
- Position on Googlemaps

How QualiDive ensures quality?
Employees of Qualidive go on tour themselves and test anonymously reported or randomly choosen dive centers after a fixed protocol.
Additional we rely on our users reporting wrong information. This quality control is very effective and very reliable.
Dive centers providing wrong information are sanctioned.

How is QualiDive financed?
QualiDive is currently 100% financed by its owner.
It is possible that at a later stage the costs will partly be shared by selected partnerships and advertisement.

More information
QualiDive is happy to try to answer every inquiry within 24 hours.
Please contact us here.

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